A lot of what we are taught in our early adolescence is applied to the habits we form. Our parents are always telling us to be honest, and finish what you start.  This type of thinking can be applied to our eating habits also.  

Of course that is a generalization and we need to start to think about why we keep eating when we are not really as hungry as we thought. 

There are so many reasons for overeating and many different solutions.  To start with many people are eating three meals a day when they really only need two. Other people are overeating because they are bored. And then some people are overeating simply to comfort themselves.

So if your watching a lot of television or on your mobile device, you will be bombarded by food advertisements and pictures of delicious looking food.

Enough about overeating, lets now focus on some simple things that you can do to reduce the amount of food that you eat and feel great.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is use smaller plates, bowls and glasses.  Smaller dishware being full  will give you the same sense of accomplishment that a huge plate will. And it will be much easier on your digestive system .


Another important idea  is to choose more nutritious food. It will deliver what your body needs, in smaller amounts and help you feel great.

Overeating really is just a decision. Make a decision to use smaller dishware and take your time eating. You will feel better and save a lot of money and time . And be much healthier for it .