Are you a weight watcher looking for good nutrition?  Well you don't need to join weight watchers or go to a weight loss retreat. You don't even need to go to a nutritionist school. Just take some time to yourself and relax while you think about the small changes you can make in your lifestyle that will have a huge influence on your feelings and health.


We  focus on providing interesting and educational  content that will benefit you immediately.  We  encourage you to make simple health decisions that will make a dramatic improvement in the way you feel.

Our staff recommends you pay close attention to the way you feel when you eat certain foods or don't allow yourself to hydrate properly. Good nutrition can answer many questions you may have. Eating whole foods is so important.

A good attitude, proper hydration and meditation will help you realize now is the time to take your nutrition seriously.

We at Vitamins Now have one purpose, and that purpose is sharing with you and engaging with you and helping you to realize the ability and potential you have to create a healthy life for yourself. 


It's not just the food we eat, but our thinking and how we approach things. Our attitude is really  important and affects how we look at our particular circumstances, relationships and and so on.

When it comes to the food we chose to eat, we tend to make the same choices over and over again. The key is to make healthy choices to get healthy results. 

Everybody is at a different level so to start with, don't compare yourself to anyone else, ever. 


Secondly develop the habit of never ever criticising, condemning or complaining about anything in your life.


If there are some things you are not happy with, criticising or complaining about them won't help.


You have to look at it from a different perspective  and take the  first step to make it better.

Some people spend their whole life in denial of the kind of person they are and justify all their actions so they won't have to change.

They expect the world around them to conform to their thinking and it never occurs to them that for whatever reason some of the things they are doing are not in their own self interest. 

Some people even develop self destructive behaviour  in order to justify their feelings and this can lead to resentment of self or others. 

Try and remember, the most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.


If it's lacking in any way, develop that before you make a serious relationship with someone else. 


Get to know yourself and if there are any people you need to forgive or have resentment towards,  try to resolve these issues.


It's the best thing you can do for yourself and it will allow you to use all your energy to focus on developing the things that make you happy.

Learn to be content being alone. Because even in a healthy relationship with another there are times we are alone. So be content with yourself  and be gentle and encouraging with yourself.

You don't  need to have a million friends to be happy. A few good real friends will give you all the positive feed back you need to live up to your full potential.

Learn to say no. Many very successful people say no, nine out of ten times. 

With better circumstances and happier relationships with yourself and others, your life will become easier and you you will be more content. 

Your maturity will improve when you learn to put your own priorities first while being polite and gracious to others.

And please remember to be gracious and kind to yourself. Don't wait or look for approval from others, get it from yourself by doing the right honest things and you will easily gain the approval of others automatically.

Good decisions bring good results. 

Many of our health problems come from our early childhood years. Remember we mentioned everybody's situation is different. 

Our food is a medicine to our bodies and when we develop poor habits of eating food with no nutritional value it affects our thinking, feelings, moods and ability to concentrate and learn. It can even affect our ability to socialize and form healthy lifetime relationships.

Take a really good look at the food you are eating and ask yourself a few simple questions. 

Is this food giving my body the nutrition it needs to sustain myself and operate my body in a healthy way . 

Is this food making me feel content and giving me a calm relaxed mood with an ability to focus and solve problems one  at a time without being irritated? 

If you find most of the food you eat is not so great, change step by step. Don't try and reverse everything in one motion overnight.

Eliminate food that you know is not good for you, even if you like eating it. Remember to give yourself time to adjust your taste buds and eating habits. It all takes time.

Portion control is also very important . Eat slowly with smaller portions allows your stomach to shrink and you will find that you will eat less food but it will be of a higher quality, and you will save a lot of time and money. 

Keep it Simple

When your trying to fix something or make it better, keep focusing on solving the problem and congratulate yourself when you make any progress at all.

Make a point to think about all these lifestyle adjustments as a positive thing, even though it may not feel so good at the time. 

You are developing your ability to make good decisions and handle yourself and your life in a more mature and loving way.

As you choose to eat foods that contain true nutrition, all the processed foods and sweet unhealthy foods you ate before will lose there appeal. 

Listen to your own intuition and  inner voice and your whole life will change for the better.

Simple Health Decisions
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